What is your game about, and why did you choose that topic?

My game is about trying to watch a show on the television for a certain amount of time while also having to help the people that come by. Whenever I try to watch a show on the television or on a computer, people always choose then to bother me. While I was growing up and didn’t own a computer, this happened more than often because the only television we had was located in the common room where people walked in and out constantly. I chose this because, aside from it being the first thing that came to mind that I was able to turn into a game, it also kind of represents who I am: someone who wishes to escape reality but is constantly being pulled back.

What was fun or not fun to do? What was easy or difficult to do?

In the beginning, I actually found coding to be the most fun. Later on when I decided to change all the controls several times along with my poor coding skills and penchant for spaghetti code I had to check the game over and over to make sure it still flowed properly. I essentially coded my game three times over. I’m not fond of learning new programs, so I put off Maya for as long as I could. The most difficult part of this project was making myself use Maya to the best of my ability and not just use poorly edited primitives. I ended up scaling down the game at the last minute, so a lot of my models didn't end up in the final version.

Also, itch.io does weird things with some of my colliders. I spent so much time building into WebGL and trying to figure out what itch changed and why when I could have been doing other things. Building a simple Unity file would have taken a lot (yes, that is stressed) less time.

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